NJ State Re-Inspection

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A better car inspection inside and out

What will happen during your inspection?

Need an accurate auto inspection?

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 -  The technician will determine your car's engine type and prep it

 -  The technician will perform an emissions test based on the year, make, and model

 -  The technician will check your gas cap for stability and fume escape

 -  The technician will place a two year sticker on your windshield

What documents do I need?

 -  Driver's license

 -  Proof of registration

 -  Proof of insurance

 -  Photocopies, faxes, e-mails and online registration receipts are unacceptable

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If you're the owner of a non-commercial, used automobile, as of 2010 you will no longer be required to have an inspection until the model is 5 years old. Remember:

 -  You will get a decal that is valid until the last month of registration for vehicles that are purchased without a New Jersey inspection sticker.

 -  You will get an SS-19 form at the time you register your car.

 -  You will need your valid registration card, your NJ insurance ID, your driver's license, and you SS-19 form when you visit a state-operated inspection station.

 -  New car dealers will be allowed to issue a new vehicle sticker if the model of your car is less than five years old.

 -  Used vehicles with a valid sticker will not need to be inspected until the expiration date.

Don't forget - certain car makes and models are required to have an inspection every year. If you're the owner of a taxi, limo, jitney, bus, or a commercial gas or bi-fueled vehicle, bring it to our experts for a proper inspection.


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